13th arrondissement
A residential area, known as Paris’ chinatown with lively cafes & restaurants. Close to Parc de choisy and Montparnasse
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Apartment #342                        Arrondissement: 13 eme
If you love art, paintings, sculptures and decoration, as well as green garden tranquility and quietness, this bed and breakfast is ideal. In the heart of Paris, inside a large family house with a private garden, the ’suite’ which is offered to you is located in a former famous painters workshop, the grand-father of your host who was widely known and regarded in Paris and who's works exist in various museums around Paris. The home is a historic building reminiscent of old Paris and oozes charm and uniqueness. The guest bed is Queen size, the private bathroom is ’en suite’ off the bedroom and you will also have a private living room  which you access to enter the bedroom. A real luxury for a very small price.
The 13th
Bed & Breakfast Accommodations in Paris
Apartment #309                Arrondissement: 13 eme
Push the entry door and find, a lovely patio with arches decorated in Mediterranean colours. Plants, lights and a iron sofa with bright cushions, you will imagine you are inside a Moroccan ryad. Located close to the large public library, in an expanding & completely renovated area, close to Bercy & Cour Saint Emilion; very picturesque & lively with its former warehouses transformed into restaurants and shops. At your disposal you have an independent bedroom equipped with a private bathroom, toilets & private terrace opening onto your hosts’ garden.Marie_309_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
Apartment #335                Arrondissement: 13 eme
Located on the 7th floor of the building, Aline offers you a quiet and romantic nest. This guest room, decorated with much taste and refinement, has a large French window opening on a private terrace where you can sit and relax on a deck-chair when the weather is warm and flowering. In this B&B, you will feel far away from the noise of the city although it is right at your doorstep with multiple options of reaching the city centre within10-15 minutes by bus or metro. Located 13th district, close to the François Mitterrand library and Cour Saint-Emilion with its fashionable shops and restaurants. Aline is a superb host who keeps her home impeccably clean and is always ready to be of service. Enjoy her homemade cakes!335_Aline_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html


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