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Bed and Breakfast in Paris


B&B private #242                        Isl. Saint Louis (4 eme)

PAX 6 Guests

St Louis Island, 5 min walk to Seine. Highest rated historic antique B&B. Entire apartment left to guests, hostess Carol (English) arrives mornings to serve breakfasts (included). Private entry double bedroom, private bathroom with shower.

169euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 209euro) Carol_242_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html


CLICK TO VIEW B&BCarol_242_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlCarol_242_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0


B&B #97   
Latin Quarter (5eme)
Near the Jardin des Plantes and Seine, Latin Quarter, a calm guestroom, double bed, tea/coffee,  private bath. Your experienced warm host Marie-Francoise knows how to welcome guests each time you return home offers to share a fresh drink, coffee, tea or aperitif. Marie_Francoise_97_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
99euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 129euro)Marie_Francoise_97_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #350               
Galleries Lafayette (9eme)
PAX 2 guests
A quiet cosy family home in the heart of the capital. Beautiful countryside Louis XV style, guest bedroom with private bathroom,  bedroom windows open on a paved inner yard full of flowers. Jacqueline is a warm host who will serve you french breakfasts daily.350_Jacqueline_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B # 414                     
Pere Lachaise (20eme)PAX 2 guests
A quiet and independent architects home with country-style.  Double or twin bed room, ensuite, independent and privately entry. Doors open onto inner garden courtyard. Accommodates up to 4 guests. Enquire for SALE rates.mailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=B%26B415%20Sale%20enquiry415_Maxime_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
89euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 109eu) 350_Jacqueline_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
89euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 124eu) 415_Maxime_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&BGisele_%26_Frederic_284_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlGisele_%26_Frederic_284_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0
#Studio Paris                
Mouffetard/Latin (5eme)
PAX: 4 guests
Bright studio on famous Rue Mouffetard,Latin Quartier. Traditional Parisian features, modern comforts, sofabed (very comfortable assured) kitchen, lounge, loft style second bed, bathroom. Sits across from Hemingways old home and in front of the Pantheon.  http://www.lapartment.com.au/LApartment_Paris_Studio_Petite_Apartments_France_Rentals_Australian_B%26Bs.html
149euro p/night 1-3 guests (normal rate 170euro) http://www.lapartment.com.au/LApartment_Paris_Studio_Petite_Apartments_France_Rentals_Australian_B%26Bs.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&B350_Jacqueline_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html350_Jacqueline_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0
CLICK TO VIEW  http://www.lapartment.com.au/LApartment_Paris_Studio_Petite_Apartments_France_Rentals_Australian_B%26Bs.htmlhttp://www.lapartment.com.au/LApartment_Paris_Studio_Petite_Apartments_France_Rentals_Australian_B%26Bs.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
B&B# 308                      
Marais (3 eme)
PAX 5 guests
Guests favourite! Historic,  antique, and homey ambience. Gisèle offers 2 guest rooms (one queen  one twin) each with private bathrooms and provides fresh, delicious breakfasts daily (included) and plenty of Paris tips/advice Gisele_%26_Frederic_308_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
110euro p/night for 1-2 guests (normal 134euro) rateGisele_%26_Frederic_308_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #333                
Montparnasse (15eme)
PAX 3 guests
Rare garden home intranquil historic area minutes to local cafes, shops. Guest private suite on the 2nd floor of the home, double bedroom, lounge, twin bedroom, 1 bathroom.  Homemade breakfasts served daily (included) - enquire for SALE rate for 3 guestsmailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=B%26B33%20Sale%20enquiry333_Janine_Alain_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0

B&B #424               

Gare du Nord (10 eme)

PAX 3 guests

A luxury polished professional boutique B&B. Guest bedroom queen or twin, extra mattress for 3rd guest, lounge, library, dining, bathroom. Walk to Galleries lafayette, Rue Montorgueil and Gare du Nord

Apartment #285                
Latin Quarter (5eme)
PAX 6 guests
Near Jardin des plantes and Seine river, an unhosted self contained apartment, private terrace of 7 m2, accommodates up to 6 people - enquire for sale rates), loft style 2 level, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining/lounge, bathroom.mailto:info@petitepr.com.au?subject=apt%23285%20sale%20enquiryMarie_Francoise_285_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0
CLICK TO VIEWMarie_Francoise_285_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlMarie_Francoise_285_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
145euro p/night 1-2guests (Normal rate 174euro) *Up to 6 guestsMarie_Francoise_285_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&B424_Pascal_Anne-Claude_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html424_Pascal_Anne-Claude_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0
CLICK TO VIEW B&B333_Janine_Alain_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html333_Janine_Alain_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_28_link_0
NOVEMBER 2016 - to -  MARCH 2017 SALES (excludes Christmas and New Years373_Francoise_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html


124euro p/night 1-2 guests (fr.149euro) OR 139euro 3 guests (was 229eur)424_Pascal_Anne-Claude_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html

B&B# 284                    

Marais (3 eme)

PAX 5 guests

Guests favourite! Historic,  antique, and homey. Gisèle offers 2 guest rooms (one queen, one twin) each with private bathrooms fresh breakfasts daily (included) and plenty of Paris tips/advice

99euro p/night for 1-2 guests (normal 124euro) rateGisele_%26_Frederic_284_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html

B&B private #359                        Isl. Saint Louis (4 eme)

PAX 6 guests

Saint Louis Island, 5 min walk to Seine. Highest rated historic B&B. Entire apartment for guests,hostess Carol (English) arrives mornings to serve breakfasts (included). Private entry double bedroom, private bathroom with shower.

169euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 198euro) Carol_359_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&B415_Maxime_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html415_Maxime_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_33_link_0
CLICK TO VIEW B&BCarol_359_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlCarol_359_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_34_link_0
CLICK TO VIEW B&BGisele_%26_Frederic_308_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlGisele_%26_Frederic_308_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_35_link_0
103euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 124eu) *Up to 3 guests333_Janine_Alain_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
Private Studio #89 
(Marais - 3 ème)
PAX: 3 guests
17th Century classic Paris home, 35 m2, bohemian chic, queen bed, lounge, library, kitchen with breakfast ingredients, bathroom, wifi, towels, linens, bottle of wine on arrival. Discover Paris on foot. 89_Helene_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW89_Helene_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html89_Helene_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_39_link_0
109euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (Normal 134euro)89_Helene_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B Suite #422                
Bastille/Marais (11 eme)
PAX: 2 guests
Bastille, close to the Marais. Independent 31m2 private entry suite, queen bedroom, private bathroom, desk/work space, 10m balcon with view of Sacre Coeur and rooftops. Bruno, your host, offers breakfast (included) and Paris tips.422_Bruno_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW422_Bruno_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html422_Bruno_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_43_link_0
119euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (Normal 144euro)422_Bruno_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #342                        
Luxembourg (13eme)
PAX: 3 guests
An art lovers garden home. Large historic family house with guest suite in former famous painters workshop, your hosts grand-father a widely known artist works exist in various Paris museums. Queen bedroom, ensuite, lounge. Breakfast served daily (included)342_Dom_Erik_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&BMarie_Francoise_97_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlMarie_Francoise_97_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_46_link_0
CLICK TO VIEW342_Dom_Erik_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html89_Helene_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_48_link_0
B&B #413                
St-Germain (6eme)
PAX: 2 guests
Between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Luxembourg garden. Guests have much privacy and independence with the guestroom and ensuite in its own private part of this charming home. Large, bright and peaceful. Breakfast served daily (included) 413_Genevieve_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
129euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 149euro)342_Dom_Erik_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW B&B413_Genevieve_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html333_Janine_Alain_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_52_link_0
119euro p/night 1-2 guests (normal rate 139euro)413_Genevieve_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html



Apartment #464                St Germain (6eme)
PAX: 5 guests
Walk to cult Cafe de Flore or Jardin Luxembourg from this 53m2 1 bedroom classic Paris apartment. Fully equipped kitchen, lounge room with 2 sofabeds, double bedroom, bathroom, Cable TV, wifi and all amenities.464_Jeromes_Guisarde_B%26B_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.html
CLICK TO VIEW464_Jeromes_Guisarde_B%26B_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.html464_Jeromes_Guisarde_B%26B_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_56_link_0
199euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 225euro)464_Jeromes_Guisarde_B%26B_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.html
Studio # 462                     
Galleries Lafayette  (9eme)
PAX: 2 guests
Simple sweet, budget studio, 5th floor (with lift) with kitchenette, dining, sofa-bed and lounge, bathroom. In the 9th arrondissement, walking distance to Opera, the Galleries Lafayette, Palais Royal near the Louvre and more462_Elisabeth_Studio_La_Boule_Photos_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_Paris_2.html
CLICK TO VIEW462_Elisabeths_Studio_La_Boule_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.html462_Elisabeths_Studio_La_Boule_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.htmlshapeimage_60_link_0
89euro p/night for 1-2 guests (Normal 95euro)462_Elisabeths_Studio_La_Boule_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_Apartment_in_Paris.html
BOOK NOWBookings_Petite_Paris_Bed_%26_Breakfast.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_62_link_0

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129euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 174euro) 401_Marc_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B private #401                        Batignolles (17 eme)
PAX 4 Guests
A private garden entry self contained B&B suite located in the 17th district, a few minutes’ walk from the Champs-Elysées, with its own private terrace this is a rare luxury in Paris!401_Marc_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
89euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 119euro) 131_Janine_%26_Michel_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #131                        Montparnasse (14 eme)
PAX 2 Guests
Located in a quaint 18thC paved street this B&B is an oasis in the heart of Paris. The guest bedroom with ensuite is independent from your host’s house with private entry, Janine and Michel serve traditional breakfasts daily.131_Janine_%26_Michel_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B private #87                        Louvre (2 eme)
PAX 4 Guests
Between the Louvre and Garnier Opera, 17th century residence of peace, with guests independent two large guest bedrooms (one double and one single bed) living area, bathroom 87_Monique_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
124euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 144euro) 87_Monique_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B private #264                        Latin Quarter (5 eme)
PAX 2 Guests
Behind the Panthéon this homey B&B is in a historic building with beautiful wooden beams. Guests offered 13m2 room with a double bed or two singles with private bathroom and private entrance f264_Jacquelines_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
99euro p/night for 1 or 2 guests (normal rate 129euro) 264_Jacquelines_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B Private #331
Batignolles (17 eme)
PAX: 4 guests
A former artists workshop loft with private entry offers guests 2 bedrooms, private bathroom, high ceiling up to 6m high and large windows guarantee plenty of light. 331_Sylvie_Francois_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
110euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 159euro)331_Sylvie_Francois_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #368
Madeleine (9 eme)
PAX: 2 guests
In the famous Madeleine/Opéra area this B&B, offers an amazing comfortable, relaxing stay in the heart of the capital. A highest rated B&B thanks to stunning decor, space, privacy comfort and to perfect hosts Chantal and Joe.368_Chantal_Joe_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
126euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 146euro)368_Chantal_Joe_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
Studio #404
Montmartre (18 eme)
PAX: 2 guests
A charming 17m2 studio apartment completely private for guests independence on the 6th floor of a traditional haussmann with a marvellous view of the Sacre Coeur Basilica from the little balcony. 404_Nicole_Anais_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
89euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 114euro)404_Nicole_Anais_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #433
Butte Chaumont (19)
PAX: 4 guests
In the artistic up and coming village where more locals reside than tourists, only 15 mins to the city centre our Parisian hostess Natacha offers a classic quality B&B guest room in her home with private terrace 180 degree city views, guests double bedroom, en-suite, sitting room, breakfasts served. 433_Natacha_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
99euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 119euro)433_Natacha_Bed_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
B&B #429
Eiffel (7 eme)
PAX: 2 guests
Two quaint bedrooms are offered at this traditional B&B home ideally located in the 7th close to the Eiffel, with single beds in each room this is ideal for friends travelling together needing separate beds or rooms. 5 nearby bus lines take you easily and quickly anywhere in Paris.428_Odile_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html
110euro p/night for 1-5 guests (Normal 125euro)428_Odile_%26_Breakfast_Accommodation_in_Paris.html


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