Discovering 75017 - The Batignolles

The area known as Batignolles, is a district in Paris (the 17th arrondissement) that's a mix between art and village-like spirit, outside the centre of Paris' most visited by tourists, it is a local haunt with Parisians, where you definitely feel like your getting right in amongst the 'real' Paris and Parisians! It's a quiet and alluring quartier of Paris. Lovers of Paris neighbourhood will be captivated by this area tucked in a triangle of sorts between boulevards de batignolles and clichy. A lovely leafy park, complete with gardens, streams, ponds, ducks and well-used children's play areas. An attractive, welcoming gate provides a sturdy centre to the main square, streets filled with characterful boutiques, gourmet bistros, convival wine bars and excellent food shops. residents congregate easily on the street to chat; merchants are friendly and unhurried. Beware, you will be drawn to the realtors windows, checking on apartment prices. 

Along Rue des Dames - a shabby-artiste-chic street where all the gourmet shops, cafes and wine bars are bound! Batignolles is compact and easy to explore. Rues Batignolles, Brochant, Legendre and des Moines are the principal shopping and dining streets, all radiating off the square.
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The Dome - Sacre Coeur, Montmartre
Climb the Dome Tower of the Sacre Coeur Basilique in Montmartre:
The Sacre Coeur is the 2nd most visited site in Paris and so needless to say, it is always a flurry of activity. We highly recommend stepping away from the crowd in and around the great basilica at the top of the hill and instead climb the bell tower. At certain times of day it is likely you will find yourself alone in here. With an altitude of 122 metres the dark narrow passageway (entry from the side of the basilica) encloses you instantly, blocking out all outside noise. Spiralling up higher and higher you feel more and more removed from the hustle and bustle and you will marvel and the mysterious and spiritual feel this ancient passageway exudes. The low hum of this wind tunnel only adds to the experience. Try not to get spooked! When you reach the top you have the most stunning view of the top of the dome and of the village of Montmartre. Sit down on one of the stone benches and enjoy the moment!

Metro Stations:
Chateau Rouge

Bus lines: 
30, 54, 80, 85

9am - 6pm daily

Fee: 5 euro
Web: Click here
Off the Beaten Track
Quiet Corners of Paris
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Quiet Corners of Paris is a beautifully illustrated peek into eighty-one often overlooked, always beautiful, locales: hidden villas, winding lanes, little-known 19th-century passages, serene gardens, and cobblestone courtyards. Some of the places have breathtaking views, others are filled with historic and architectural details, from stone archways, garden follies, boxwood mazes, ornamental statuary, stained glass, and Renaissance fountains. Follow a stone path under a trellis of blossoms or wander through a gate to discovery.
Secret Gardens in Paris

1. The Hotel Particulier - 18th Montmartre
Behind the black wrought iron portal, in the unlikely Passage de la Sorcière, is impassive Directoire style house surrounded by a garden both elegant and wild. The terrace is frequented by locals and hotel guests, including artists and performers.  Hotel Particulier Montmartre – 23, avenue Junot 75018 Paris France – T. : +
Plaza Athene - 6th St Germain des Pres
Pass through the doors of the hotel to the restaurant, surrounded by pristine vineyards and red geraniums, rocked by the melody of fountains and birdsong. A taste of paradise in Paris. Hotel Plaza Athénée – 25 avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris France – T.: +
Hotel de Jeu de Paume
The sunny terrace for the sensitivity of the Ile Saint Louis before joining the tumult of a Sunday afternoon in the Marais
Hotel du Jeu de Paume – 54, rue Saint Louis en l’Ile 75004 Paris France – T. : +
Hotel d’Aubusson
One shaded stop away from the crowd of Saint-Germain des Prés, the garden of the Hotel de l’Abbaye, silence and meditation under the auspices of the former Benedictine monastery. Hotel d’Aubusson – 33, rue Dauphine 75006 Paris France – T.: +
Park Batignolle
Batignolles Cemetary
Passages of Paris
The passages are old-fashioned shopping malls from the late 1700s and early 1800s that provided cover from rain, mud and horses for the chic shopping ladies of yesteryear. There is something special about these secret little passageways. Walking into each one feels like you are unwrapping a different gift.There are ones that silently slide off major streets revealing hidden gems under coloured, colourful galleries.
The most famous passage is Vivienne (2nd) and our favourite with its spectacular mosaic tiles and great shopping - the modern art gallery is found here and a fabulous florist, a tea salon A Priori The, and a rare print book store, Bistro Vivienne, a fine wine shop and more.
Passage Colbert is also beautiful, possibly more grand than Vivienne and here is the brasserie Le Grand Colbert, from the movie 'Something's Gotta Give'. Utterly romantic
Panoramas Passage is the oldest with many restaurants and cafes and a fabulous engraver.
Jouffroy Passage specialises in toys and a great needlepoint shop, old movie posters, Lebanese pastries and the wax museum of Paris, Musée Grévin is here.
Verdeau Passages specialise in antiques, comics, musical instruments and engravings), among others.
The funkiest passage is Passage Brady, which is chock-full of Indian and Pakistani restaurants. Some recommended restos here which may be a bit too shabby for some tastes.
Find Addresses of Paris Passages here
There’s also number of notable restaurants in the passages, like the Michelin-starred Passage 53 and the eclectic back-alley Au Passage.,0,14660675290655363033&sa=X&ei=JPE9UPunG-6uiQeG2IDoAg&ved=0CAwQ5xgshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2
Villa Leandre 
Location: 18th Arrondissement - Montmartre.
One of the quietest and most expensive streets in Paris. When you enter, you will find yourself in a world that does not really resemble to Paris. Houses are built in the Anglo-Saxon style, there are traditional front gardens, ceramic items, steps, lanterns. The tiny street is very impressive. I imagine in Spring, when the flowers and bushes bloom, it is like a cut out of a fairytale. On the corner of the street is a great little cafe, Cafe Marcel. 
Address: 1 villa Leandre 75018 MAP  Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt
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