For the experts, this area is specifically known as the "New Athens" due to the renewed interest for Greece at the end of the 18th century, when the noble constructions of the area have been inspired by its classicism. 

But, moreover, quite a number of artists decided to live in this new smart place: Gericault, Vernet, George Sand, Chopin, Degas, Renoir and many other who contributed towards making Paris the capital of arts in the 19th century.

It must be said that they were very close to the Moulin Rouge, the Moulin de La Galette, the Cabaret Chat Noir, where all the middle class Parisians love to come to have fun. You will often see inscriptions on the walls stating that such or such artist lived there. 

At the same time quiet and lively, between Montmartre and Opera, the area is thus very central and you will rapidly reach via metro (which is minutes from the B&B apartment) the Opera Garnier famous Opera house, the Galleries Lafyette famous department store, the iconic Madeleine church and metro that is minutes walk to the Jardin Tuileries, the Louvre and the Seine river beyond. 

 Also you will reach from the home by foot the following attractions:

- The "rue des Martyrs", which offers lots of shops of quality for food (cheese shops, pastry shops, delicatessen.) as well as many small and lovely places to have lunch or dinner.

- Gustave Toudouze square offers a pleasant choice as well for Indian, Italian restaurants; it looks like a small village square, very enjoyable under the trees during the summer.

- Rue Lepic, with many shops for food, the Moulin Rouge store and the café which became famous after the movie "Amélie Poulain", better known abroad as "Amelie of Montmartre".

- Rue des Abbesses: restaurants and many cafés such as: Un Zèbre à Montmartre, Le Sancerre and more.

Helene keeps a list of all the addresses that she recommends, and comments on each place including the comments made by her other  visitors.
Helene is in her forties. She was born in Normandy where she spent all her holidays on the beaches as a child. Her family moved to the south of France when she was 11 to live the country life.

After her studies in Toulouse, she spent one year in London and then came to Paris to study the history of art at the Sorbonne University. She worked in an art gallery presenting old drawings, then worked as the main coordinator for an antique exhibition in Paris. Now, she works as an interior designer. 

After spending 15 years in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, she decided in 2005 to move to the 9th district of Paris which she enjoys very much. 

Helene loves Paris, she thinks that it is a city full of surprises and unique although each area has its own atmosphere, population and soul.

Helene loves architecture and never stops admiring new creations of the architects, especially in her area.

Helene loves the museums and exhibitions, although her area is surrounded by theatres. She also loves opera and classical music and she regrets that the Garnier Opera does not offer more shows. The Opera is very close to her home.

Helene likes to share and learn, and also to transmit, this is why she decided to have a b&b at her home in 2009. She will be able to give you good advice for your visits.

Helene speaks good English
1per: EU119 p/n
2per: EU139 p/n
2 nights minimum
Breakfasts daily
Wine and eBooks
District : 9th 
Subway : Saint Georges (line 12) 4 minutes walk 
Subway : Blanche (line 2) 3 minutes walk 
Buses : lines 74 (to the Marais) - 68 (to the left bank) at 100 meters. 
Street close to: rue Blanche 

Museum of Gustave Moreau's House - 3 min. walk 
Rue des Martyrs, Place Toudouze, Rue Lepic - 5 min. walk 
Department stores : Printemps, Lafayette - 10 min. walk 
Opera Garnier - 10 min. walk  - Madeleine.
Louvre Museum - 20 min. walk, or 10minute bus ride #68 or 5 min Metro ride 
Montmartre - 10 min. walk 
Champs Elysèes - 20 min. by direct bus or subway 
Saint Germain des Près - 20 min. by direct bus or subway 
Bastille - 25 min. by subway 
Versailles - 10 min. walk to Saint-Lazare station, then 30 minutes by direct train
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1per: E99 p/n
2per: EU109 p/n
2 nights minimum
Breakfasts daily
Wine & eBooks

‘Real Paris experiences start with real Paris homes’


Bed and Breakfast in Paris

B&B #364

       to Helene’s  B&B in Paris
Enquire about this B&B
Enquire about this Paris home
Welcome to a gorgeous Petite Paris B&B home, located in a 17th Century traditional Parisian building and located half way between Opera-Madeleine and Montmartre, this B&B has been decorated with much care by your host Helene, who is an interior designer and art lover. Very romantic with its guest bedroom purple alcove - a tranquil room - your have the choice of just the one bedroom with bathroom and shared lounge room with your most discreet and professional hostess, or (for a small additional cost) you can request the living room ‘en suite’ with the bedroom for your own private use, giving you a space of 32 square meters. Very bright and quiet, it is the ideal accommodation for people who are looking for quiet nights and the beauty of typical traditional Parisian homes. This is a very charming and authentic family home in Paris, for a real intimate cultural experience. 

About your host
About the area
About the Apartment
The apartment is located on the fourth floor, without elevator, but Helene is always ready to help her visitors carry their bags when necessary. The building is from the time of Louis Philippe. It has been built in the style of the area, with its porch with neo-classic arcades which recall that we are in the heart of the New Athens area.

Helene's bedroom is upstairs. From the hall, you will access the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining-living room and the internal staircase which led’s to Helene's bedroom separate (upstairs). Your guest room is next to the lounge room.

When Helene decided to have such openness for the guest room, she wanted to offer a large and private space according to the visitors' wishes.

Helene bought this apartment in 2006 and had it completely renovated. As she is from a family of antique dealers, Helene’s taste naturally leans towards things which have a history, but she also likes modern and contemporary pieces too.

The apartment opens its windows on a lovely internal paved yard full of trees, which lets in the sun light while offering complete quietness
About the Guests Bedroom
The bedroom which is offered to the visitors is 13 square meters, with a beautiful height under tall ceiling of 3,10 meters.

It opens on the living room by two large sliding doors. Its decoration is classic yet modern, simply tasteful and thoughtful. 

The double queen size bed (160 x 200 cm) has been put in the middle of an intimate alcove, the grey stripes on the wall gives the room a romantic style.

The embroidered curtain of Napoléon III style has been bought in an antique store and the drawings are records of Helene’s work in the art gallery.

Helene has organized the bedroom with a "hairdresser corner" with two lamps, a mirror and a stool.

All the bed linen is 100 % cotton, there are no pillows with feathers, the bedside rugs are made of carpets and regularly cleaned with anti-allergic products. They can be removed upon request, if you prefer.

To respect the planet and minimize the risk of allergy, all the paint used for the apartment is without solvent.

The living room which opens from the bedroom with its sliding doors can be put at your private disposal for an additional amount of 25 euros per night. You will  then have at your disposal, a private "suite" of 32 square meters. Otherwise this lounge room is to be shared with your hostess who is so happy to chat to you when she is there. 

With its 3,10 meters ceiling height and decoration changed seasonally (warms colours for the winter, blue in the summer), their is an ambience of total relaxation.
Helene wishes to emphasise that if you do not ask for the addition of the living room for your own use, you should only have access to the bedroom, and the lounge room to chat with Helene. The lounge room is also for daily fresh breakfast service. 

to experience total quiet in your guest bedroom, Helene asks you to leave the keys on a piece of furniture in the hall when you return home, so that she is aware you are present and avoids making noise as she does not wish to disturb your resting time.
About the Bathroom
The bathroom is to share with Helene. She will take out all her personal belongings so that you feel at ease and you will have priority use at all times. In fact Helene will not use the bathroom (ever) while guests are at home. So guests can feel assured they may enter the bathroom freely at any time while they are home. 

The bathroom is not very large (4 square meters), but all the necessities are there and Helene has used her flair for decorating to make this small space very pleasant. Stones collected on the beach of Deauville are displayed all along the bath,

It is equipped with a bath with a shower on the wall, a small wash-basin and toilets.

Bath products, bath towels and a hair-dryer are at your disposal.
About the Breakfast
Breakfast is served by Helene in the dining-living room, at 8.30am each day. Guests must request earlier breakfast times in advance (usually atleast 1 day prior)  if they wish to start their day earlier and Helen can accommodate this happily. 

Breakfast cannot be served after 10am due to Helene’s work schedule. Breakfast is served in front of the window with a pleasant view of the trees. 

Breakfast consists of: orange juice, warm drinks (tea or coffee), butter, two jams, croissants, "traditional" home made cereal bread or fresh baguette.

Upon request in advance and for an additional cost of 5 euros per person, Helene offers a cold breakfast including one boiled egg, two pieces of cheese, or a warm breakfast including an omelette or fried egg and ham.
Additional Services offered by Helene
Helene offer a lovely cheese from Normandy tasting (her parents used to have a cheese shop in Normandy): 14 euros per person for a piece of Camembert, one of Livarot, and one of Pont-Lévêque, accompanied with a glass of wine and the famous Helene's home made cereal bread.

Above mentioned tasting plus salad and home-made dessert: 20 euros per person.

A bottle of cold Champagne to celebrate a birthday or any particular event: 40 euros.

A bunch of roses in the bedroom: 20 euros.

A box of the famous Ladurée's macaroons: you can make your choice on the Ladurée Internet website, and Helene will go and buy them for an additional cost of 20 euros (in addition to the cost of the macaroons). Guaranteed refined surprise effect ! 

A visit of Drouot auction sales, how to buy and sell by auction: guided visit for two hours: 50 euros.

A visit to the Flea Market and help with negotiations: 50 euros for two hours.

Exclusive use of the of the living room "en suite" with the bedroom: 25 euros per night, to be paid to your host on your arrival. You must ask  your host directly at least 7 days before your arrival if you require this.
Additional Practical Information
The arrival or deposit of your bags is possible at any time of the day if you let your host know about it and respect it. With 9pm being the maximum latest arrival time. Otherwise you can have immediate access to the bedroom if there is no departure of other guests on the same day. Otherwise, you will access your bedroom in the afternoon, after is has been prepared for you. 

The bed offered by Helene is a convertible sofa, new and very comfortable. When Helene decided to offer this B&B she wanted to buy this sofa of high quality with the idea that guests would like to transform the bed into a sofa during the day. In fact, it always remains as a bed. It is very comfortable. 

Your host does not smoke and wishes to receive only non-smoking guests. 

Your host does not have any pets and does not want to have any at her home. 

Upon request, an iron and ironing-board will be put at your disposal. 

The apartment is Wifi equipped. If you bring your laptop with you, you can access to Internet
Location and Sights to See
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