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1per: EU139 p/n
2per: EU149 p/n
3per: EU184 p/n
3 nights minimum
Your hosts, Dominique and Erik, are in their early sixties. Erik was born in Toulouse, he has lived in the Tarn area before Paris. He works as an interior designer and he knows Paris very well. He gets about most of the time on his bicycle. He loves  activities related to the arts; drawings, visits to exhibitions, cinema and theatre. 

Dominique was born in Madagascar, she works in the medical field. She is very interested in photography, gardening and Tai Chi. She loves to visit exhibitions and going to the cinema and theatre. She will be able to help you select your cultural visits.

Up until 2008, your hosts had great experiences hosting foreign students at their home (U.S.A., Italy, China, Saint Domingo, UK). They decided they wanted to continue this by welcoming tourists into their B&B. Since then they have undergone some renovations in their house to provide a better level of comfort

Both your hosts speak English. Erik speaks a little Spanish. 

From time to time, Lotfi, a neighbour who is a close friend of theirs and the nephew of M'zali who was the Prime Minister of Bourghiba, comes to their home to help or replace them when they are away. He also speaks good English, as well as German and Japanese (he has lived in Japan for a few years before France).
About your hosts
The dwelling
Your hosts' house (a two story building), surrounded by the neighbours' gardens, was built around 1890 at the same time as the building which separates it from the street. 

From 1927, a famous French painter and decorator, the grandfather of the present owner lived here. His work can be seen in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and in the house where there are still some paintings and pieces of furniture. A brief history of his work and creations is presented to the visitors on panels hung on the walls in the staircase leading to the second floor where his workshop was. It is this workshop which has been transformed into a "suite" for guests of up to 2 or 3 people.
The bedroom is the most beautiful part of the house and is offered to you. It is approximately 50 square meters and offers a large living room, a bedroom and an en suite bathroom. Its location on the last floor of the house and it’s double opening on to the gardens guarantee your privacy and complete quietness. 

The bedroom, 14 square meters, is equipped with two twin beds (210cm X 90cm) which can be transformed into one large king size double bed, two wardrobes and different pieces of furniture created by the artist grand father: a chest of six drawers, two chairs, a lamp and on the wall, a mirror, a painting representing a nude woman lying, a lithography representing two horses. 

The bedding is made of cotton, the pillows and quilts are without feathers, great even for those who suffer from allergies. There are two pillows with feathers in the closet, if you prefer. The curtains are dark enough so that you will not be disturbed by the day light. 

The ground is covered with oak wooden flooring, as old as the house. Very quiet, its windows open on to the garden. You will only hear the songs of the birds.
Your private living room
Your private living room is full of charm: it is the former artist's workshop where Erik works from time to time when there is no visitor in the suite. 

It is equipped with a library with books about painting, paintings painted by the painter, a pedestal table and four chairs designed by the artist, an Eames armchair, a table on trestles and a chair, two easels, a high stool and a sofa 1,20 meter large and 1,90 meter long an extra bed for a third person, a carpet, a coffee table, small other pieces of furniture, lamps and a television.

Arrondissement: 14 ème

Street: Near Rue de la Sante

Metro: Glaciere or Saint-Jacques (line 6), Denfert Rochereau (line 4 and 6 - RER) (10min walk)

Bus lines: Line 21 Glaciere
Cite Interntional Universitaire: 15min walk
La Butte aux Cailles: 15min walk
Place d’Italie: 15min walk

Luxemburg Garden: 25min walk

Chatelet: 15min on RER

Champs Elysees: 20min on metro or bus

St Germain des Pres: 20min on metro or bus

Bastille: 15min on metro

Location and popular sites to see
Additional information

Your arrival or deposit of your bags is possible all day if you let your hosts know your arrival time and respect it. You can have  immediate access to the bedroom if there is no departure of other guest on the same day, otherwise you can access to your bedroom in the afternoon, after it has been prepared for you. 

NOTE: This B&B is not suitable for children. The bedroom opens directly onto a staircase without door or barrier. Guests who still wish to book this B&B with children or babies have the responsibility of preventing them to go near the stairs. Your hosts have a black cat named Jean-René, or Boubou, born in 2004. This accommodation is therefore not suitable for people suffering from allergies as the cat is always around the house. Your hosts do not want to receive other animals at their home. 

Your hosts do not smoke and wish to receive only non smoking guests. 

The house will be wifi equipped soon which will give you access from your living room. Please ask before making your reservation if you want to know if this service is accessible. 

You can telephone for free in France and some other countries, using your hosts telephone. Please check with them first if the country you want to call is on their ‘freebies’ list. 

Your hosts have a piano. If you are trained musician and want to practise your art, you can play. It is forbidden to piano learners. 

Additional Services
If you wish to have a second bedroom, your hosts can offer another one, more simple in style, on the first floor. Please see the photo album for images of the second bedroom.

Upon request, your hosts can cook a dinner for you (30 euros per person: complete meal including aperitif, first course, main course, dessert, wine, coffee). Upon reservation, you can also invite your friends for dinner, with your hosts or without them (to be agreed upon with your hosts according to your wishes).

On the day of your arrival, or any other evening during your stay, your hosts will offer you a drink to share with them.
Apartment #342                        Arrondissement: 13 ème
If you love art, paintings, interior decor, greenery and quietness, this bed and breakfast is the one you need. In the heart of Paris, inside a large family house with a private garden, the ’suite’ which is offered to you is located in a former famous painters workshop, the grand-father of your host. The bed is queen size, the private bathroom is ’en suite’ off the bedroom and you will also have a private living room. A real luxury for a very small price.
You will access your bathroom via two little steps through the bedroom. Its window opens onto the gardens at the back of the house. It is equipped with a bath with a shower, a wash basin, toilets and a towel-dryer radiator. Bath towels and bath products will be at your disposal, as well as a hair dryer. 
You will also find a set for preparing warm drinks.
The breakfast is typically French. It is always made of warm drinks (coffee, milk, tea, chocolate), orange juice, fresh bread and croissants, butter, homemade jams. Breakfast will be served in the dining room on the ground floor of the house, or in the garden, usually between 8.00 am and 10.00 am. This is flexible and can be adjusted according to the wishes of the visitors. At times the hosts may not be at home, and the drinks will be kept warm for you in thermos left at your disposal.
In addition to this "suite", your hosts are in the process of renovating another guest room with a private shower room, on the first floor. For the time being, you will always be the only clients. 

The garden, quiet and welcoming, is equipped with garden furniture which is at your disposal to relax when the weather is fine. Your breakfast can be served there if you wish. 

On the ground floor, the main entry, reachable by a few steps, leads you directly to the living room and dining room, where breakfast will be usually served.
Extra information about the hosts area
In the past, this area was considered as being outside Paris. The Rue de la Santé had a very good reputation for its healthiness and its fresh air. This is why several hospitals and reverend homes had been built there.

This street, where Dominique and Erik's bed and breakfast is located, on the Denfert hill part of Montparnasse district, is parallel to Rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques (the pilgrimage way to the city of Saint Jacques de Compostelle) and close to the Bièvre (affluent of the Seine river, nowadays invisible as it is underground) but on the banks of which, in the past, there were many dry cleaners and leather merchants together with vegetable gardeners. Along the hills both sides of the Bièvre (the "Butte aux Cailles" on the present 13th district and  the "Enfer" which became Denfert on the 14th district), the calcareous stone was extracted to build the Parisian houses. Part of the excavations was then used as an ossuary (the Catacombs). On top of the Denfert hill, an observatory marking the Paris meridian line was built in the 17th century. It has been modernised along the centuries and nowadays it has been replaced by the Meudon observatory (located on a higher hill outside Paris). Nevertheless, there remains a very famous telescope. The evolution of the city in the 17th century extended its limits to the present Boulevard Blanqui (on the 13th district) leading to Boulevard Saint Jacques (on the 14th district). The enclosing wall around Paris presented some openings called "octroi" houses built by architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux which can still be seen on Denfert Rochereau square. 

Close to the B&B, a little further down Boulevard Arago, there is the "Flowered city" where there are many workshops for artists. 

From the end of the Rue de la Santé, the entry of the Montsouris garden can be seen. All along the park there is one of the water tanks of the town on one side and on the other one, between the Boulevard des Maréchaux and the Boulevard Périphérique, there is the University City. Opposite, to the North and 30 minutes walk from the B&B there are the Luxembourg gardens, the Senate, the Latin Quarter and the Sorbonne University. 

The following places can be visited in the area and close surroundings : 
- the Royal Gobelins Manufacture, on Avenue des Gobelins, 13th district - weaving of the royal tapestries and modern tapestries 
- the water tank of Paris 
- the Montsouris garden 
- the catacombs, reachable from of the Ledoux houses, on Denfert-Rochereau square 
- the Observatory (can be visited on the first Saturday of each month) 
- Zatkin museum, on rue d'Assas (6th district) 
- the Cartier foundation, on Boulevard Raspail (14th district) 
- the cloister of the Cochin/Baudeloque hospital (14th district) 
- the chapel of the Val de Grâce hospital, Rue St Jacques (5th district) 
- the chapel of the Salpetrière hospital (13th district), where there can be exhibitions 
- the artists workshops, open to visitors from time to time
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